My Home


This is my room where I have lived since January of 2008 to 2012. It has been my Fortress of Solitude, my self imposed jail as I have struggled to get my life back on track, after the accidents and my subsequent surgery. This year I am outta here by hook or by crook. There have been many moments of varying moods from inspirational euphoria, as well as deep lows of depression and self doubt. At the age of 56 I had hoped my life would have been more than a room. Fortunately, I still have my health and I am going to give this thing called life one more try. In this room has come the culmination of everything that I am today. I have begun my writing career in earnest, with a novel, short stories, poems and social commentary, putting it all into a reality show called Redemption: A Life of Amends. It is from this room that I will leap upon the world stage and leave my footprints. Stay Tuned! 

As I continue my voyage to come back, my move into the family room of my best friend and business partner Pat, Teri and his wife Jan's home is now going into 3 years and a couple months. I am now 60 going on 61 and I do not have a lot left in the old bucket to keep up the struggle. The cynicism does not go away. Despite all the negatives, the lack of funds, the pain and anxiety and the lingering doubts with the depression, the will to keep on is also still very strong. I refuse to give up. Entering this year 2016 I am excited about the ventures I have developed with others in, apparel, literature, music and my reality show. After this, well I don't know? It just has to happen! 


Forward Forever, Backwards Never!

This is my current home. Living with Mom in Hollywood, Florida.