My Family

My immediate family lives in five states, FLORIDA, VIRGINIA, MICHIGAN, NEW JERSEY, and NEW YORK. I often hear stories of how families fall apart. Of course there will always be arguments and difficulties in any family, but in the end, we stick together and make an unbeatable team. That's not only true of my parents, my siblings and myself, it's also true of my extended family. After Pops passed away we may not see each other all too often, but we always look forward to seeing each other at any family gathering. I know if my life was more stable my home would also have been one of the main meeting places for many more occasions. Strange how life works out, but it is not over as yet and with the advent of more family, now that I have my birth father and wife and four siblings, I look forward to sharing great times to come. 


My Partner:
I am single at this time. I have been married three times and had a long-term relationship that never went to the altar. All my relationships have been unique in their special way and I have loved these women, bringing and receiving something of value from each.


Mom, Brothers, and Sisters

There is Mom, Aldith the oldest, Donovan who comes after me, Lauran, David Jr, James and Alan II. Pops (David Bryan Sr.) who raised me died in 1996.


Dad, Brothers, and Sisters

I am so fortunate to have located my birth father (George Barrett) and his wife, Bronda and their children, my brothers and sisters; Clinton, Judy, Gerene, and Linden, with whom I am now developing interesting relationships.  


My Children:
My son, Courtney Jr. was away from me for over 19 years, and during that time I fell in love with Rosemarie and it was my heartfelt pleasure support her in raising her beautiful daughter, Rochelle, who calls me Uncle Courtney. He lives in Seattle and we have a relationship, which needs more physical time. Rochelle has opened her boutique, LovePinkPosh, in Brooklyn, NY and has great support from her loving father Ian and extended family. I am godfather to several of my friends' children and have great memories hanging out with them as they grew to adulthood. 


My Family also comprises:
My nieces, nephews, and cousins who I only see at family gatherings. We are always family and I wish I had developed a much closer relationship with them. Now that they are adults, it is even more of a challenge. I will work to change this going forward.