Cycling is one of my favorite sports activity and after my back surgery of November 2010, I attempted to devote more time to pursuing it but was unable to. My last activity was the 2011 Tour De Bronx and since then I have put riding on hold and even further since my neck surgery of October 2012. I've been riding since I was a child. Over the course of my time as a cyclist I've covered several thousand miles.  This year 2013, with the completion of my physical therapy, I am praying and hoping that I will again be able to feel the wind in my face as I travel the parks and bike lanes of NYC.

For me, cycling is not just about the exercise and the sporting incentive, but also the scenery that I can discover and enjoy in the process. What's more, when you're on your bike you are at peace with yourself and are free to contemplate life; just don't forget to watch where you are going. LOL