Welcome to my Redemption

Since starting out on my own at 19 years old, I have gained experience in diverse sectors such as chain retail in food service, clothing, real estate (sales and construction), nightclub and party promotions, janitorial, security protection, insurance (life, health, auto, home), securities (mutual funds) and transportation; working for companies including KFC, Florsheim Shoes, Primerica Financial Services, Wakefield Properties LLC and Gotham Yellow Taxi Leasing.                                       


I have started several companies and co-founded others with partners, as consultants in artist’s management and development, special events, concerts promotions, community fests, and other projects. My partners and I were involved in all phases of these projects, from conceptualization to staffing, securing sponsorship and implementation. We were fortunate to become students of the “marketing and promotions” era, working with some of the largest companies in the world including but not limited to Coca Cola, Reebok, PepsiCo, BET, Nutrament, Verizon, Burger King, A T & T, Coors and Gatorade, in locations from New York to Daytona Beach, Chicago, and Jamaica, W.I.                                                                                               


In January 2009, I took up writing just before two auto accidents a couple months later injured me, derailing my efforts to bounce back from my third divorce. From then on, I have endured back and neck surgery relieving about 75% of my pain. Since all this happened, I completed an online creative writing course, wrote several short stories, started several novels, voiced many essays and other dictations and finally put it all together in my reality television show, Redemption: A Life of Amends.                                                                                               


I am seeking investors or a production company and/or a television network to green-light Redemption: A Life of Amends. Due to the shows vast subject matter, it would fit with many networks programming and offers excellent opportunities for product-placement. In an article by Josef Adalian from TV Week/In Depth, Michael Camacho, Partner and head of alternative TV, United Talent Agency was quoted as saying his biggest skill is the ability “to take someone’s talent and build a multiplatform business around it.” Also, that the biggest challenge facing reality TV: “Talent. There’s so much production now that there’s a question of whether quality can be sustained.” In this spirit and with these goals and objectives in mind, I welcome interest from any and all. Please see the one-pager pdf for more information. In closing I express my views and philosophy on life by this quote.



“Everyone is rich in excuses to safeguard their
     prejudices, their instincts, and their opinions.”


~ Ancient Egypt

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